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« Unique Latitude » vous propose films documentaires, captations et montages vidéo pour des projets événementiels, institutionnels ou privés, et des prestations en photographie. 


Le sensible est unique

Rêveuse, utopiste-humaniste, sensible, questionnant tout et tout le temps, Anaïse Mourocq est comme une aventurière de la vie, les sens en éveil permanent. 

Tantôt punk, philosophe ou exploratrice, elle s’adapte et se transforme pour que les violons s'accordent.

Son oeil en photographie et réalisation audiovisuelle mettront en lumière vos projets pour répondre à vos envies, qu'elles soient artistiques, promotionnelles, privées, commerciales. 


 Unique Latitude - Create your own world 



Intentions et shapes

« Unique Latitude » is a multimedia journal of travels by Anaïse Mourocq. It will be launched by September 2021.


The website www.uniquelatitude.com is an interface dedicated to map experiences around the world displayed in photographies, short-films and essays.


By a navigation on the world map punctuated with GPS coordinates, the chronology disappears for the benefit of spatialization. The unique latitude is then as a reference of a told experience, captured at an alpha moment.


The visitor is invited to stroll randomly on this world to discover points of view accumulated during six years of amateur travelling. An approach to other perspectives.


Sensitivity is unique

My name is Anaïse Mourocq. I was born in France, Lower-Normandy, December 31st, 1988.


Dreamer, utopist-humanist, emotionnal and sensitive, questioning everything all the time : I am as an adventurer of life challenged by constant mental and physical agitations.


If I haven’t been able to complete an education in universitary, as much as doing and understanding were vital to me, I’ve dared to begin my own introspection by world exploration in 2012, at the age of 23.


Gifted with a certain strengh of life and an insatiable curiosity, I wanted to offer to myself a time-space in absolute freedom to understand the world somewhat better, the diversity of human beeing, eperiencing the real and the doubt, changing my view on my own person and on the inherited perceptions. As a vital drive to give myself reasons to be and to exist.


In 2021, I took a step giving birth to Unique Latitude, a retrospective of six years of wandering around the world. At times punk, hippie, philosopher or explorer ; I adapt myself constantly, pushing my own limits as far as I can, reversing polarity, working my way to understand the geographies of human being and its Earth.


Today I invite everyone to discover and to question his or her own world and to exchange : the latitudes are as unique as infinite.


A project of autobiographic book : « Travel to the heart », will be launched by 2022.

Anaïse Mourocq

1988 - 2021 - ∞

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